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Metal markers produce a very permanent, bright and outstanding opaque mark on metals and most non-porous and semi-porous surfaces.
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The unique RNM ink penetrates grease, oil and rust to give a weatherproof mark which will withstand many kinds of metal processing.

Available in 12 colours: black, yellow, white, red, blue, green, pink, orange, light blue, brown, purple and grey. A lead-free yellow is also available.

Similar in construction to the metal markers with a standard head, but filled with Britink TO opaque textile marking ink in black, red, yellow or white. Black offers the greatest resistance to washing and dry cleaning processes.
The marker comprises a flexible plastic container with a ball valve writing head. Ink flow is controlled by gently squeezing the container, allowing the marker to be used at any angle, including upside-down. Two writing heads are available: Standard (left picture) with a line width of 2.5mm and Toughpoint (right picture) which is heavy duty and a line with of 4.0mm. Markers can be supplied with either head and both types are available as replacement units.
Always test the marker in actual conditions of use to determine suitability. Common applications include metals, rigid plastics, painted surfaces, wood, stone, asphalt and similar materials.

After each period of use, wipe the writing head to remove excess ink, then replace cap. If heavily encrusted, use a rag soaked in Britink Cleaner.

We also supply empty refillable markers (right picture) which can give considerable savings.